Bauwerk Parkettpflege Eco


Product details:

Bauwerk Parquet Care Eco is a care product for parquet floors with a sealed surface. The care film created protects the joints and reduces wear


Before use, the floor must be cleaned dry (vacuum cleaner or duster). Shake the parquet care Eco well before use and apply it neatly and then distribute it evenly with the Bauwerk surface wiper or Bona wiper. Remove excess with a cotton cloth. Please note the additional instructions for use on the container.

Packaging Unit:

1 liter PE bottle

Technical specifications:

  • Consumption: 100 m² / liter
  • Drying time: about 1 hour


  • Shelf life at least 1 year (unopened original container)
  • Do not store below 5 ° C
  • Keep out of the reach of children


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